There’s no better way to show the passage of time than time-lapse photography. It’s like a secret unveiled, with clouds running fast, lights fading and raging sunrises. It requires a lot of passion but it can be amazingly rewarding

Alba – the Epic Scotland

This time-lapse video has been shot in Scotland in the last years. It’s a three adventurers’ project – Alessandro Petrini, Alessio Felicioni and Fortunato Gatto and we created  every single frame and note of this work.

We used Sony Alpha cameras (A7RIII, A7RII, A7SII, A6300, A6500, RX100V), ShooTools timelapse gear, Leofoto tripods and Montura mountain equipage

Twofold Nature – Abruzzo Sublime and Beautiful

This project took almost one year to complete and more than 50 thousand shots. It’s a work coming from the love for the area where I was born, Abruzzo, a small but wonderful Italian region. It’s my present for my beloved territory

Pescara – Vertical Vertigo

Pescara is the heart of the Adriatic Sea and this time-lapse video shows its beauties and its life.

Time Waves

This showreel is a journey in my 2 years and a half of timelapsing throughout Italy and Europe. Some of my best sequences and several new ones in this stand alone/showreel video