About me

I spent most of this new century taking photos and shooting videos.¬† Even if it’s my daily job I love it all the days I wake up and grab a camera.


I deal with landscape photography and videos (I specialize in time-lapse films) where I’ve been awarded several times. I started a video project with Fortunato Gatto in 2015 (Samhla, The Message, Alba the Epic Scotland, Sense of Walden and Finding Icarus) and it’s still far from the end.


Another prestigious and important field of my work is Motorsport. I’m currently working as a Photographer/DOP inside the Creative Studio. Some of our worldwide clients are Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis.


As a musician I’m very proud of my collaboration with one of the most important international companies producing amplifiers – Markbass. I shot videos/photos with some of the most important musicians (Marcus Miller, Greg Howe, Kiko Loureiro, Richard Bona, Micheal League)


Since 2004 I’ve been teaching photography, filmmaking and graphics because sharing my knowledge is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. That’s why I have an ongoing collaboration with Mood Photography School¬†started in 2018


Gear can be very important, that’s why I have several collaborations going on with international companies: ShooTools, STC, Montura, Leofoto and Photofuture