Twofold Nature – Abruzzo Sublime and Beautiful

This project took almost one year to complete and more than 50 thousand shots, mostly with two Nikon cameras (D600 and D7000). All the images have been taken in Abruzzo – Italy. It’s been a work of passion, spending nights in the wilderness and waiting for the dawn looking at the sea. Although the end product is the project of a single man, I see it as a choral work. So many people have been involved at different levels and I’m sure I’ll forget some of them: first of all Paolo De Siena, without him this video wouldn’t be here – at least not now. My friends who spent endless days together shooting – Gianluca, Alessio and Giuseppe. Angelo for helping me at Roccascalegna (so many thanks to Proloco for letting me shoot an unforgettable sequence). Christian and Francesco for the best night at Fara San Martino. Luca for pushing me to shoot another ‘trabocco’. My sisters and brothers for their infinite help and appreciation. Ugo and Ivana for spending the most dangerous night together in the wilderness. Andrea and Patrizia for helping me when I really needed it (Luca and Gabriella for their patience). Alessio for his wonderful music. Pam, Johanna and all my DPC friends to whom I showed the beauty of my area. Sisto, Riccardo, Emanuela, Mauro, Nicola, Fabio and all the other friends who have been interested in this project. Last but not least my family, my wife Loredana and my sons Andrea and Matteo – you know what this project meant to me!


The video has been made in collaboration with Tesori d’Abruzzo, De Siena Editore and Shootools.

Location: Abruzzo (Italy)

Categories: Documentary, Landscape, Reportage, Time-lapse, Travel