Eriu – Ireland

This is no ordinary trip to Ireland. It’s a journey through space and time, through beautiful scenes and pristine landscapes, showing the time flowing in all its majesty. Using time-lapse photography and aerial perspective we tied to show you our vision of the Emerald Island, a land so rich in nature and colors that’ll make you litterally fall in love with it.


No word will ever be enough to describe such beauty, so we’ll just leave you all to these images, hoping you’ll enjoy this short video. Cheers!




Produced by TimeWaves & Luca Fabi

Shot and edited by Alessandro Petrini & Alessio Felicioni

Original Score by Alessio Felicioni

Voiceover: Tracey Mc Mahon




Gear used: Sony A73 Sony A7R2 Sony A7R3 Dji Mavic Pro ShooTools slider One + AutoPan LeoFoto Tripods STC Filters LoupeDeck+

Location: Ireland

Categories: Landscape, Time-lapse, Travel, Drone