Eriu – Ireland


This is no ordinary trip to Ireland. It’s a journey through space and time, through beautiful scenes and pristine landscapes, showing the time flowing in all its majesty. Using time-lapse photography and aerial perspective we tied to show you our vision of the Emerald Island, a land so rich in nature and colors that’ll make you litterally fall in love with it

Finding Icarus

Shot during the endless summer of Hermaness and Eshaness (Shetlands – UK)

The Message

The Message is part of a long term project with Fortunato Gatto. It’s all about the important role of the photographer whose message brings hope, beauty and truth

Wild Sardinia

Wild Sardinia is a long term project in development which aims to show the hidden and untold beauties of the amazing Sardinia landscape (

Sense of Walden

Sense of Walden is about the research  of those remote, wild, and apparently inhospitable places, and yet incredibly fascinating. It’s a wandering, following the steps of Walden, looking for a story to tell and for that essentiality everyone has lost


Samhla is a story about the rediscovery of Nature, the relationship between Man and the environment. The Photographer’s eyes are the emotional projector of Planet Earth. The video has been shot on the small Isle of Eigg (Scotland) and has been finalist at Memorial Maria Luisa (Oviedo – Spain)

Neverending Path

Neverending Path has been shot in the Central Alps area (Italy and Switzerland) to portray the fall colors of the those mountains